Life Goast

LIFE16 ENV/IT/000416

Green Organic Agents for Sustainable Tanneries

  • GOAST technology is based on the combination of polymerbased chemicals and protocol which allows to produce Chrome-Free high quality leather.
  • More sustainable tanning process: GOAST technology aims to reduce hazardous substances, environmental risks, water consumption and to simplify the entire tanning process.
  • No concern substances are discharged into the environment.
  • Innovative metal-free tanning process.
  • Leather scraps are also Cr-free, which can be fully recycled.

Latest activity

GSC Group publishes the 2019-2020 Sustainabily Report 

GSC Group is very happy to publish its first Sustainability Report for 2019-2020. It is a great milestone for the company and the beginning of a long-term commitment towards the environment and the chemical industry. The report is available at...


European project funded by LIFE Programme for a novel leather tanning technology

Expertise on leather chemical auxiliaries and waste-water treatment management to give an innovative approach to leather tannage

  • At present, over 85% of the world leather production is chrome tanned; unfortunately, at certain conditions, and in case of not well controlled process, dangerous chemicals species can be formed, which poses much attention and prompts users to find innovative and more environmental friendly solutions (European IPPC Bureau report 2013).
  • LIFE GOAST project will aim at demonstrating sustainability of the overall production chain from manufacturing of leather articles to treatment of solid and liquid wastes.


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