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Gsc Group, a leading Italian company in chemical products for the tanning industry, operates in the tannery district of Arzignano (VI): the largest global center of tanneries.

For over forty years it has developed innovative systems for the sector, as well as a complete range of products that meet even the most complex requirements.

Gsc Group can count on a highly qualified staff of over 150 people that includes a team of highly professional and creative researchers and competent technicians with great experience for any kind of assistance besides a network of agents and distributors in 52 countries.

Pursuing a growth and investment policy, the company covers an overall area of more than 20.000 square meters with an annual production of 32.000 tons in liquids, powders and pigments. These productions are sustained by green energy: in fact, GSC Group has a solar power plant of 2.000 square meters in line with a concept of eco-friendly development.

BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification shows the efforts that GSC has put to meet stringent standards of health and safety required by Consolidated Safety Legislative Decree No. 81/2008, and is the guarantee that the company works considering the central importance of the health and safety of its employees and the community.

GSC is well committed to sustainability and to reduce environmental impact: the production sites in combination with the outputs research from the laboratories work together to lower the use of hazardous substances or pollutants and a more careful management of waste and emissions.

GSC accompanies its production sites with a highly qualified pool of laboratories; the Q&A laboratory provides daily checking of all raw materials and quality control on finished products. The Physical Test Laboratory performs most of the leather and skin tests. The Wet-end Application Laboratory focuses on tanning and re-tanning testing and development of new products. The Finishing application laboratory focuses on the application of finishing products with a constant attention to fashion. The R&D department focuses on new product development to meet specific customer needs and/or bring innovation to the leather industry, and evaluates more environmental friendly routes to produce such chemical auxiliaries. Much attention is brought to the development of novel and more sustainable alternatives to traditional chrome tanning system.


MDC it’s the sole Integrated urban water management (aqueduct, sanitation and purification) of the municipalities of Montebello Vicentino, Zermeghedo and Gambellara in Vicenza province. Companies that dump are 35 mainly tanneries, 3 of them are wineries, 2 are galvanic and 1 is a foundry. The area stands, within productive activities, for the presence of industries of national relevance, specialized in the treatment and tanning of hides.

This resulted in the need of having a purification center able to treat, contextually to municipal wastewater, also industrial wastewater mainly deriving from tanneries productive activities; for this purpose it’s been realized a purification plant in the municipality of Montebello Vicentino in the early eighties then subject to continuous technological and extention ongoing adjustment, related to the quantity of production wastewater that over time has been changed both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

In general our company owns and manages a purification plant, an active waste dump and one which has been decommissioned, besides a water lifting plant. MDC has also an internal testing laboratory in the municipality of Zermeghedo.


PSB heads a family-run group of companies, perfectly integrated and closely-knit in the leather and cut parts sectors. PSB is a specialised producer of luxury automotive upholstery and manufactured leather. It produces finished articles and cut parts from wet-blue or wet-white leather. It employs approximately 400 people working in a covered area of 30,000m2. Its production capacity amounts to 8,000 hides/day. PSB belongs to a group characterised by a stable ownership. It is a family owned business group located in Arzignano since 1959.PASUBIO GROUP includes 2 integrated tanneries: PSB and Conceria Arzignanese SPA (CA) controlled 100% by Pasubio Group.

PSB is made by:

  • HEADQUARTER: Re-tanning, Dyeing and Finishing 8.000 hides /day - 30.000 sqm land main property with 18.000 plant surface - Key functions, R&D, Laboratory
  • PLANT 2: Pant extension 4.000 sqm - Wet blue / white selection and storage and logistics - 8.000 hides/ day capacity
  • PLANT 3: 13.000 sqm land main property with 7.000 plant surface - Wet blue /white selection and storage and logistics 11.000 hides/day capacity - Re-tanning and Dyeing - Crust warehouse and logistics

TRIM DIVISION ITALY Plant extension 4.000 sqm: Wet blue /white selection and storage and logistics - 8.000 hides/day capacity CA is made by: Capacity of 7.000 hides/day for tanning (chrome/free chrome) - retanning – dyeing - 22.000 sqm land property with a plant surface of 13.000 sqm - 20% enlarge possible - It operates “on contract basis” for Pasubio and for other customers (slaughterhouses and trading companies)


  • PSB produces all kind of automotive leather articles on serial production (chrome, chrome free, olive tannage, full grain, corrected grain, split)
  • Long term high experience on serial production of leather for all applications (seats, dash board, steering wheels, door panels,etc).


UNIVE is a public body, recognized as one of the best Universities in the country offering its students ample study programs in Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems, Environmental Sciences, Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability, Foreign Languages, Humanities. Since 2007, UNIVE has been awarded with more than 100 grants in the frame of individual and collaborative European and International projects.

The Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems (DSMN) teaching and research activities are focused on basic and applied organic, industrial, inorganic, analytical chemistry with special emphasis on sustainability and environmental safeguard. The Department interacts with public and private institutions and companies, at national and international level.

Teaching courses and research are devoted to the leather industry and tanning technology, making of DSMN a centre of excellence in the field, reaching great interest both regionally and nationally. On this behalf, DSMN has been assigned several European funded project for the development of new environmental sustainable technologies for the leather industry. The activity of DSMN in this research area is documented by articles and conference proceedings. The work to be performed in this proposal will be carried out in partnership with the Department of Environmental Science Informatics and Statistics (DAIS) and the Department of Management. DSMN and DAIS are fully equipped with skilled personnel and adequate instrumentation for the characterization (e.g. NMR, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, HPLC-MS, GPC, SDS, etc) of chemicals in industrial processes and in environmental media including wastewaters and sludge. Additional activities such as Life Cycle Analysis are provided by another UNIVE’s spin-off (Green Decision s.r.l.).


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